Of trains, tasks and troubles

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A little over 7 months ago, on a train trundling through the dark Northumberland country side, I became fed up with the apparent posturing and self-destructive nature of the Scottish Rugby Union and decided I would make a stand. Riled up by press releases on one side and stony silence followed by heavy handedness on the other, I needed to say something. And so I started this.

I’d been thinking, on and off, about getting a blog together for about a year. The thought had first come to me when I discovered that my housemate and sometime sister had been regularly posting updates to keep up her writing skills and keep in touch with friends and family in a different country. However, the required regularity of posting, which to me was kind of the point, had been off-putting.

For one thing, I had contracting job and was travelling all around the country, shifting town week by week without a regular ‘net connection. For another, I wasn’t convinced I’d ever have enough to talk about, or more precisely, that I would never be able to come up with enough of interest to say.

Angel on a Car

Sure, there are people that say that blogging is the highest form of navel-gazing, and thus you don’t actually need anything engaging to say. Just publish and be done with it – damn the people that may be reading. In fact, given the breadth of the Blogosphere today, there are places dedicated to not saying anything at all: Valleywag or Perez Hilton‘s gossip rag jump to mind. But for me a spark was missing. And with the shenanigans between Edinburgh Rugby and the SRU I now had it.

So, armed with my new laptop and rolling towards the Scottish border, I investigated blog hosting sites, found balanced write ups (I kid you not – they exist) and made a choice. WordPress would host my inspired rants against short-sighted individuals who were ruining the game of odd shaped balls for all Scots. The executives of the SRU would stop and take notice, and the shame of being so..so..amateur in their professionalism and so blind to the work that could be done by the privately owned club would there for all to see.

Of course, what actually happened was I set up my account, and then set about getting distracted by templates, and colours, and names, and widgets and became so wrapped up in the potential of what I had before me that by the time I got to the old city of Edinburgh I had no time left to write a post.

Edinburgh at Sunset

And so I find myself, half a year down the line, with a blog (trendy trendy) and no ranting to do. The situation regarding the SRU is long resolved, and I no longer spend my weekends on trains from London to Edinburgh with working weeks flowing from Farnborough to Belfast.

So what, when and if to write? Four days ago, I finally decided that yes, writing was something I wanted to do., and this was a good way of doing it. Three days ago, whilst reading a post of Bill Wadman’s I figured out both how and why as well. I’m easily distracted (something that will no doubt come up later in the blog), and to get something like this done, I need to set myself a definite task with a time line. So..

The task? A weekly update.

Simple, unoriginal and just like everyone else’s: a personal blog about me, things I’m thinking of and stuff I’m doing.

The audience? Friends, and anyone else that wanders in, stops by and has a look around. You are all most welcome here.

I hope you enjoy my navel gazing, at least from time to time.

Wish me luck.


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